Saturday, July 8, 2017

Toronto Playground Review: Grange Park - New as of July 2017!

Grange Park was completely remade and reopened on July 8th, 2017. I've only been to the grand opening, but it's already one of my favourite Toronto playgrounds.

There's just so much here. Not only is it a pretty big park and playground, but there's also a water feature and splash-pad type area for kids to run around in bathing suits, plus a completely fenced dog park. 

There are two large playgrounds here. One is for kids over five, while the other is for younger children. The photos will do a much better job showcasing the park than any written words would:

The "older kids" playground.

The "younger kids" playground.

As you can see, there are slides, swings, climbing tools, a tunnel, and a lot of other great things for kids of all ages.

In addition to the two playgrounds, there's also a very big field which is great for kids to run around and play in, or to sit down and have a picnic with the family. 

This park has a lot of shade, thanks to all of the trees, but the splashpad, the playgrounds and the field are very sunny. It's a good mix that should satisfy everyone.

My favourite part about this park is that even though it's very close to a busy part of Queen Street, it doesn't feel that way. It truly feels like a quiet oasis that isn't anywhere near the city (except that you can see the CN Tower, which is kind of cool, in my opinion). 

My son could run around in the field and it's big enough that I didn't have to worry about him sprinting off into traffic or anything.

There's also a lot of great-looking buildings bordering the park.

I'm not sure if the park will stay as bright and open and friendly and clean as it was today at the grand opening, but I'm hopeful. Literally all this park is missing, in my opinion, is a sand area. But there's a lot of those in the city.

Bonus: There's a Starbucks at Queen for when you need coffee, which is likely always.

Grange Park photos:

Grange Park info:

Grange Park
(south of Dundas between Beverley and McCaul)

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